Love in the world.

You can find yourself or you can find another part of yourself. You can try to get all you want or you just have a look and yourself comes in the eyes of a local taxi driver in kathmandu that explain you that life can change in one second, like this. In nepal you don't need to talk, you need to see. Nepal teached me one thing: if you open your eyes time is just an illusion, you don't have to look at clock, you just live the moment and enjoy life. In nepal you arrive and lose yourself in a bus in a street in a temple. They don't speak much English, so you 'll learn to find yourself alone, and understand that efforts are the meaning of a trip. I decided to take local bus, go on the market, live in the nepali house, meditate in the temple, eat on the road, enjoy the traffic jam, smile in front of the pollution. You will wallk in the middle of nowhere, you will feel in old middle age, without shops, bank, iPhone. You will be between Budda and Shiva, lord Krishna and Hanuman. They sayed: we are like a flowers born in the middle of two stones, one chineese and one Hindi. They smile, and they work every day, to get 20 dollars a month. They invite you at home, they enjoy with you a cup of tea and they are curious, they wanna know you, what brings you there.
Nepal has his own big energy, made of music, food, meditation, culture and architecture, peace and tollerance. Nepal has no roads, but mountains, and they show you the sky, the sun and the love. Pure unconditional love. There, out of your efforts, out of your, exist one love, that is one language, one peaople, one face. Out of your thoughts exist something without time, something without beginning and end. Everything, has one home, one place where to live, and is called heart. Inside your heart you will find what you were looking for travelling around the world. Be in peace, is a magic atmosphere that I realized in the middle of noise, in kathmandu. I found history in Baghtapur, architecture in Patan, middle age in Kirtipur, simplicity in Pushapatinath, kindness in Boudhnath, love waiting the bus, gratitude enjoying a chai with okd mens in the street.
You will meet sadhu, bhramin, monks, simple mens in the taxi and in the market wiser then others. You will lose your belonging at your country when you bring in the backpack just your eyes. In the children, in the women, in the street, inside the poor reality you will find richness. Everything is in front of you, this moment. Inside you, forever.
In the house in nepal.they dont care about hot water, they bring water from the street, from the lake. They don't need heater. They don't need English to communicate, enough is a simple gaze. Compassion travel inside your shoes when you open your heart. In the bus, you are almost without air, is not cleaned and has no air condition. But, if you leave mobile phone, money and kacket they run to give you back all. Simplify our life is this. Be together, hel each other, be happy of what we have. Food is very spicy, sometimes too much. If you ask no spicy, they will no understand. If you ask hot water, they will no understand. If you accept what you don't like, you'll become a guru of yourself. That's what they teached me. Be in silence, don't be stressed, take it easy, don't run, have a relaxing time every day, a coffee with friends, walking in the nature, enjoying the sun. "Life is what happened while you are making other plans. ".John Lennon.  "Life is too important to take it seriously". Oscar Wilde.
I enjoy bed without bed. Nepal is a big simle of Budda that make in one second a true sense of the whole life. Is a. Monkey that push me to have my food. Is be patient and tollerant.Our Life is a part of the world, is not the


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